Top Business Colleges

There are many very good business colleges in the U.S. that can lead to a wide variety of jobs in many areas of business in the U.S. and internationally. Business is the most popular field of study in the country with around one-fifth of all college students majoring in this field. One of the benefits of a business degree is that it prepares students to have a broad range of skills that can be used in various business settings. Many of the top business colleges have begun to focus on international studies for part of their four year program. The University of South Carolina’s Moore School of Business has launched an International Business and Chinese Enterprise program. Students study for two years in China and then complete the final years of studies at the University of South Carolina.

Top Business CollegesOne of the highly rated top business colleges that has been rated Number One by Bloomberg Businessweek is the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. Around half of the business students at this college study abroad in countries such as Egypt, Haiti, and South Africa. This experience helps students understand business on a deeper level after witnessing how it works in other parts of the world. Notre Dame University is highly competitive in admissions, only accepting students who have had the best grades in stringent high school preparatory classes. Most students completed honors-level courses in high school. The tuition of Notre Dame is almost $43,000 for one year of studies. This does not include room and board or living expenses for the year. Notre Dame University is a Catholic college located in South Bend, Indiana, around 100 miles from Chicago.

The University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce is rated as Number 2 by the magazine. Tuition at this public college is around $31,000 annually without room and board and other living expenses. Admission to this program is also highly competitive, with most students having exceptionally high grades in high school and very high SAT scores. This college also emphasizes studying abroad and offers many courses centered on global business. Some of these are Global Marketing, Global Management, and Global Finance. Business students train to be international business leaders who have global citizenship.

Emory University’s Goizueta Business School in Atlanta is rated as Number 3 in the study of top business colleges. Although not as competitive as the two previous colleges, it is also a highly competitive college with only top students admitted to the business school. Annual tuition is around $39,000, not including room and board and other expenses. Students at Goizueta Business School learn about the global marketplace and are encouraged to study abroad after they have completed the first semester at the school. Many students take advantage of international studies and become fluent in a second language that may be used during future employment.

Fourth on the list of top business schools is the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Located in Philadelphia, only students with the best academic credentials are accepted into the college. Almost 20 percent of the students enrolled in this business program are international students who are not U.S. citizens. The broad student diversity adds to the insight that students get into international business when they study at this school. Annual tuition costs around $36,000 with room and board plus books adding around another $13,000 to the cost. is another source of listings of the best business schools in the U.S. Students who are considering entering a college with a strong business school should read about the programs offered at the top business colleges before making a decision of where to apply. Most of the top schools only accept students who were in the top 10 percent of their graduating class in high school.